Company Type: Commerce Bank
Smartphone Manufacturer
Sponsored Hero: IS-KA
Current Status: Loss of Sponsored Hero
Loss of Profits
Possible Bankruptcy

IS-KA's commercial

AD-Bank is a commerce bank and Smartphone manufacturer that sponsors the Commercial Hero IS-KA . Due to IS-KA's many heroics, his rapid rise from D-Rank to B-Rank , and the marketing strategies with their products, AD-Bank is receiving high profits from sales of the latest version of their Smartphone, the IS-KA05 . His commerical which advocates the new product causes sales to skyrocket.

However, unknown to the public and jealous low-ranking heroes, the IS-KA05 is actually a receiver for Dark Energy from the S Gene, thereby causing the powers of heroes to become amplified and making them go insane. AD-Bank was unaware of their hero's scheme and even lost their coporate spokesperson after he seemingly gives up the IS-KA identity. This can either lead to bad PR and loss of income, or even bankruptcy if the truth is known to the public.

Its business motto is "Wanna advance to the future? Why not ride on this wave?"