Andou Hironobu
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Scientific knowledge
Engineering skills
Occupation Hero Equipment & Weapons Designer
Rio's Tactical and Technical Advisor
Affiliation Hero Association
Andou Electronics
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 22
Runaway Android!?

Andou Hironobu is the person who created Roiko. He's also the designer, builder, tech and battle support for Rio Kizaki. After being hired by the Hero Association, he sets up his own company called Andou Electronics with Catgirl Rio as his sponsored hero.


He has messy black hair with glasses, and a lab coat. He has a kind of shabby appearance, due to the fact that he was unemployed. After being hired by the Hero Association, his appearance has cleaned up considerably.


He has a kind of semi-pessimistic personality while constantly lamenting over the fact that he has no regular source of income. Apparently he has a bit of a catgirl fetish, after he designs Rio's Hero equipment and weaponry patterned with feline caracteristics. However, he seems to take on a more serious attitude when advising Rio during battle.


His past is mostly unrevealed other than the fact that he was unemployed and desparately trying to find a way to pay his bills.


Normal Life Arc


Andou passes Shuto on his way to his new job.

Andou Hironobu was a down-and-out inventor who had created Roiko, but due to the huge cost of recharging and maintaining her, he was barely managing to eke out a living. Roiko decided to try to get a Hero's License to help out but her attempt at heroics turned into a disaster when she chased after a Jacky, which caused Shuto to go into action as Ratman. After a long and very ridiculous chase with massive property damage, Roiko was finally shut down by her creator who apologized for the trouble she had caused. At the end of the storyline, we see Hironobu going out in a business suit, indicating that he had found work.

Hero Booster Arc


Calling Rio!

It is revealed that Hironobu was hired by the Hero Association to create weapons and equipment for Rio after she manages to get a Hero License. He also seems to have set up his own business through the Association called Andou Electronics. Due to having a kind of fetish for cats, he designed her armor and equipment with feline traits. Rio's father had also appointed Andou as his daughter's tech support as well as an advisor during combat. When the other heroes start to go berserk, Rio's father makes the call to his newest employee on his first mission.

Androu takes the assignment and sends Rio to the nearest scene of violence. He speaks with Rio via the Cat's Bell Choker on her neck. Despite her slight embarrassment over the catgirl persona she now has to emulate, Hironobu was able to successfully guide her through her first victory as a hero.


High Level Intellect: Andou is smart enough to create an Android. He also designed and built all of Rio's Hero equipment and weaponry.



He mistakenly created her.


He creates Hero weapons and equipment for her. She's also his company's sponsored hero.


He is Andou's new employer.