Ankaiser's Father
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Supposedly good, but went bad after taking a bribe
Family Ankaiser's Mother (wife/abandoned)

Ankaiser (son/abandoned)

Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Boxing skills
Occupation Former Champion Boxer
Affiliation None
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 40

Ankaiser's father was once a champion boxer that was looked up to by his son like a hero, but was later caught in a bribery scandal.


He was a fit man with blonde hair, (most likely that was where Ankaiser inherited his hair color and most of his body features). He was tall and was quite muscular.


Not much is known about him, aside from the fact that his son worshipped him like a hero and that he later became an alcoholic and eventually abandoning his family.


Ankaiser's father was professional boxer who had won the championship and was adored by his son. However, in order to pay for his frail wife's hospital bills, he agreed to throw a championship bout in exhange for a huge bribe. The scandal was later revealed, turning Ankaiser's father into a disgrace. He would become an alcoholic and abandon his family with huge debts. He hasn't been seen since.


Rematch Arc

Ankaiser's father is only seen through a flashback as Ankaiser fights Ratman in an underground parking lot. It was the bribery scandal and his abandonment which led to Ankaiser's view of herosim to be nothing more than a foolish ideal. However, with his loss to Ratman, (or a draw as he sees it), Ankaiser decides to take back what he said about heroism being dead and later becomes the sponsored hero for the Kaiser Gym.


Ankaiser's dad had some considerable boxing skills to have won the championship, though after the scandal and the alcoholism, it is most likely those skills have degraded.


Ankaiser's Mother

Ankaiser's Father was shown that he cared for his wife, as he was willing to give up his championship for money to pay her medical bills.


His son used to look up to him like a hero, but now hates him for leaving his family with huge debts.

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