Ankaiser's Mother
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Female
Side Good
Family Unnamed husband (abandoned/divorced)
Ankaiser (son)
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) None
Occupation Single Mother (unemployed)
Affiliation None
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 39

Ankaiser's mother is the main reason why he became a hero after his father left the family.



Ankaiser's mom as a younger woman

She's a gentle-looking, middle-aged woman with black hair. She was quite attractive when she was younger.


Ankaiser's mother is always worrying and apologizing to her son for having to bear the burden of caring for her, though Ankaiser says that it is his responsibility and that she should never feel sorry about the situation they are in.


Ankaiser's father was a champion boxer whom he always looked up to. However, due to his mother's frail condition, his father decided to accept a bribe to pay for her hospital bills, and he threw a championship bout. However, the scandal got out, leaving Ankaiser's father disgraced. He later became an abusive alcoholic and eventually abandoned his family with a huge amount of debt.

With no one to support them, and his mother's weak constitution making her unable to work, Ankaiser began training to be a boxer himself, but a chance encounter with Shouichirou Kizaki allowed him to get a Hero License and therefore get the benefits needed to pay for his mother's hospital bills.


Rematch Arc

Ankaiser is shocked to hear that ANK Securities' president Asaoka Kazumori was arrested for tax evasion and the fact that the company's bankruptcy would mean that he would lose his A-Rank Hero's License. He visits his mother in the hospital and tells her not to worry as he tries to think of a way to continue her health care. He meets up with Shuto, not knowing that he had overheard their conversation. During the press coverage concerning his early retirement as a hero, he makes the public challenge to Ratman for a rematch, with his mother watching on and smiling.

After the rematch and Ankaiser re-registering as a D-Rank hero for Kaiser Gym, it is assumed that his mother is still being cared for at the hero-affiliated hospital.





She deeply cares for her son.

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