Apricot Sweet Pizza
Item: Specialty Dessert Pizza
Creator: Mr. Hosakawa

In celebration of Anzu Hosokawa's birth, and the fact that her name means apricot, Mr. Hosakawa invented this recipe to feed to his daughter. Though its flavor is quite exquisite, it also made her fat, in which she made her father promise to never make it for her again. Despite this, she still seemed to remember the recipe.

The recipe would later resurface with the introduction of Bison Burger. To compete with the fast-growing burger chain, Pizza Fat added Apricot Sweet Pizza to its menu, which soon became a hot-selling item among young women and teenage girls. Though Fatman still wishes they would add meat and calories to it, Anzu and Shuto tell him no.

It is described as having a sweet taste and is very light, which makes it a dessert-style pizza.