Asaoka Kazumori
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Evil
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) None
Occupation Former Company President
Affiliation ANK Securities
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 35

Asaoka Kazumori was the president of the ANK Security Firm and Ankaiser's former employer. However he was arrested for tax evasion, which led to his company to declare bankruptcy.


He looks mostly like an average middle-aged man that's slightly overweight.


Not much is known about him, but he seems to only care for himself as he was caught stealing from his own company.


None given.


Rematch Arc

After recovering from the injuries he had gained during his last fight with Ratman, Ankaiser is shocked to learn that ANK Securities' president had been arrested for tax evasion after authorities find more than 260 million yen, (approximately over $33,000.00) hidden in a safe at his home. Apparently he had been embezzling from his company and not reporting the amounts to the Japanese IRS.

As a result, ANK Securities had to declare bankruptcy and let go of its sponsored hero. Fortunately for Ankaiser, he was able to re-register as Kaiser Gym's hero. As for his former employer, it is very likely Kazumori is serving time in prison.


Tax evasion.



He was Ankaiser's employer until he got arrested.

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