Demotion Type: Loss of sponsor
For commercialized heroes, one of the worst ways to lose one's Hero's License is to lose one's sponsor. Since it is the company that pays for the treatments needed to maintain his/her superpowers and equipment, if the company cannot pay or is found guilty of some criminal act, then its representative hero is no longer an asset. The situation becomes even more serious for the hero, as certain restrictions with the Hero's License will not allow him/her to find other employment in certain fields.

The prime example of this is Ankaiser and ANK Securities going bankrupt due to its president being arrested for tax evasion. He was not able to box professionally again as his pro-boxing license was permanently revoked when he became a commercialized hero. Fortunately for him, he was able to re-register with Kaiser Gym, though he went down to a D-Rank. Another example would be Pizza Fat and what would happen to Fatman, should his business lose to its rival Bison Burger.

AD-Bank could be seen as the reverse to ANK Securities. Due to the loss of its corporate hero IS-KA, plus his involvement with the Hero Booster Program, the company itself might go under due to loss of profits and the bad publicity and lawsuits that may be incurred from the riots.

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