Bison Burger
Bison Burger
Company Type: Fast-food chain
Sponsored Hero: Mr. Big Horn
Specialty: Bison Horn Special (The Ultimate Burger)
Current Status: Active - All American chains bought out, Japanese Store self-owned by its hero

Bison Burger is an American resturant that came to Japan. This is the company that sponsors Mr. Big Horn. Its main theme is that of the American Old West, complete with sexy waitresses dressed in cowgirl outfits and its mascot dressed like a Longhorn Steer. Its main competition is Pizza Fat. One important note is the fact that the Bison Burger restaurant in Japan is the only one left as the other Bison Burger restaurants were bought out in the United States. It's slogan is 'Authentic Power!' which relates to the stereotype of the American Burger.

During summer vacation, Bison Burger also runs a beach stand, in which their waitresses are dressed in sexy cowhide bikinis. The burgers sold out at the same time as the pizza at Pizza Fat's stand, which prompted a volleyball match between the two restaurant superheroes.
The company would suffer its first major blow in bad PR, during the Hero Booster Arc. Mr. Big Horn had downloaded the Hero Booster Program, not knowing of its deadly side-effects. He went on a rampage, attacking the customers and almost killing his rival Fatman. Fortunately, with the aid of Ratman, Mr. Big Horm was brought back to his senses, though he was completely shocked to learn that he had heavily damaged his place of business.


  • Bison Burger is a parody of Burger King, McDonald's and other American fast-food chains.
  • It's Wild West Theme is a typical American stereotype.
  • Like Pizza Fat, Bison Burger is owned by its mascot and therefore, Mr. Big Horn is a self-sponsored hero.