Breath Laser
Killer Move Type: Energy Beam
User: Ratman
Special Note: Only used when in Berserk State

This is considered to be Berserk Ratman's most powerful weapon in his arsenal. One major drawback is the fact that Shuto can only use it when he succumbs to his Animalistic State. The best description of the Breath Laser is that of an animal roar with the added bonus of projecting energy. Unlike the Shining Ray, it doesn't deplete Ratman's energy as fast and can be fired off multiple times. The overall power of the Breath Laser is greater than Ankaiser's Dragon Cannon and about equal to the D-Rank Duo's upgraded Arm-Cannons. The attack can heavily damage Unchain's armor and even strain Van Guardner's Shield Generators. The beam has been shown to blast holes through concrete and steel, and a normal person would be dead if struck by it.

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