Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Three Males
Side Evil
Professional Characteristics
Occupation Grand Theft Auto
Affiliation Carjacking Ring
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 6

These people are part of a carjacking ring that is stopped by Ratman and the Jacky Combatants, which marks the first time Shuto uses his powers to fight crime.


These are mostly the run-of-the-mill teenage punks and their buyer.


They're pretty much arrogant and don't care for the law. All they are concerned with is stealing cars and selling them to their buyer or chop shops.


None given


First Crimes Arc

Even after breaking into the Kizaki home and stealing the Heroes' Files, Shuto still wanted to use his powers to be a hero. He got his first chance when he overheard a conversation between two criminals and their intent to steal a car. Shuto followed them, which in turn has the Jacky Combatants follow him, and that causes Chihaya Sugimura to follow them.

The hoods manage to score an SUV and was in the middle of making a deal with their buyer, but are interrupted by the appearance of Ratman. Despite Shuto's inexperience, the common street thugs are no match for the dark hero of Jackal and are easily defeated. Chihaya comes on the scene just to catch a glimpse of Ratman. She later writes about the story, though others like Ankaiser dismiss it as just a random event. The carjackers were arrested.




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