Cat's Bell Choker Communicator
Device Type: Transmitter/Receiver
Transformation Device
Function: Two-way communicator
Homing Device
First Appearance: Ratman Chapter 45

In keeping with the cat-theme of her Hero Mode, Rio wears a choker on her neck with a small cat's bell (something that greatly embaresses her). The bell actually contains a compact, though very advanced two-way communications device, which allows her to keep in contact with her tech support and battle advisor Andou Hironobu. The range of the device is unknown though it is assumed at the least, that it allows Rio to communicate with Andou anywhere in the city. Since Andou communicates with Rio through this bell, it also serves as a homing device to allow him to keep track of her location at all times.


Catgirl Transform!

This bell is later revealed to be her transformation device. Unfortunately, like her Cat Claw Gauntlets, she must do a silly speech and end in an embarrassing catgirl pose.