A-Rank Heroes are considered the most powerful, (publically speaking, and not in the same class as the S-Rank). They represent the highest-earning companies and sponsors, and are seen as the public figureheads of the Hero Association. However, due to the near-complete control over the media, this also means that A-Rank Heroes are protected from bad press and cannot be charged for a crime, should they commit an act that would make the Association look bad. Things such as covering up for the damage caused by Ankaiser and blaming it on the criminals, or the fact that the hero G9 was actually working for drug dealers. If it were known that Ankaiser had turned off the sprinklers during the hotel fire, the Association would have certainly covered that up as well.

For the most part, all heroes aspire to become A-Ranks as they believe they are the highest and get the most benefits and perks. However, very few A-Ranks even know about the S-Rank and whatever little information they have about them are unsubstantiated rumors and false stories.

This is a list of A Rank Heroes from the Hero Association.

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