The S-Rank heroes, unlike their A-Rank counterparts, stay out of the public view for the most part and act like a secret police force for the Hero Association. They are not sponsored by any commercial company and act only on the President's orders to perform tasks that the lower-ranks cannot handle. Furthermore, they are not bound by the same rules as the lower-ranking heroes, and will even commit acts that would be considered as criminal, in order to maintain their secrecy.

In terms of power, the A-Ranks can't even compare to that of the S-Ranks and even Ratman cannot normally compete with them with his current level of skill and power. However, this does not mean they're invincible as Ratman was able to defeat Shiki, an S-Rank individual with a power that even Kreios cannot duplicate. It is also shown that IS-KA's true form is more than a match for an S-Rank, due to his greater mastery over this S Gene.
This is a list of S Rank Heroes from the Hero Association.

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