Dragon Cannon Gauntlet

Version 1.0/Version 2.0

Device Type: Weapon/Defensive Buckler
User: Ankaiser
Function: Short-range mini-cannon, defensive shield, knuckle-duster (Version 1.0)
First Appearance: Ratman Chapter 25

After his fight with Ratman and suffering a broken left arm and wrist, Ankaiser decided to upgrade his hero abilities by adding a specialized gauntlet that not only increases his defense, but also greatly enhances his punching power. Most likely this was to counter Ratman's Breath Laser. The first gauntlet has a smooth appearance, while the later version is more bulky. Both versions perform in the same basic manner. Ankaiser first cocks the mini-cannon with the knuckle duster. Then he throws a hard straight into his target. The knuckle duster also acts like a trigger, which fires off the mini-cannon at his opponent at point-blank range. The amount of damage he is able to deliver is considerable. It has been shown that he is able to break a solid concrete, steel-reinforced parking lot support pillar or blow a huge hole in a wall. However, in comparison to Ratman's Breath Laser, it is still considered inferior and even less powerful than Ratman's Shining Ray Do Oruta . Furthermore, Ratman was able to get back up after taking a hit from the cannon.

Some added benefits to the gauntlet is the ability to use the back of the device like a small protective shield or buckler. The knuckle duster was relocated with the second model and placed up higher against the buckler as a kind of safety mechanism. The barrel of the cannon was moved back under the shield to give better protection to the muzzle and to hide it from view, so Ankaiser can give his opponent a surprise attack with it. To activate the second model, he reaches up with his hand to bring the knuckle duster down, thereby cocking the weapon. He then throws a hard straight to fire it.

There are a few drawbacks to both models. First is that the Dragon Cannon has a one-shot payload. Therefore, it can only be used once per battle. Then Ankaiser needs to take off the gauntlet and reload it. Second is that even though he has trained with the gauntlet on, he still must compensate for the added weight and balance to his left arm. Third is the fact that with any firearm, he must keep the cannon in good maintenance. Any malfunction or jamming and the potential backfire could seriously injure or even kill him.