Drug Dealer's Henchman
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Evil
Professional Characteristics
Occupation Hired Muscle
Affiliation Major Drug Trafficking Operation
First Appearance
Manga Ratman 21

This unnamed man is one of the many henchmen used by a major drug ring for covert smuggling of drugs. He was the assistant of the drug dealer who had hidden the narcotics inside Mr. Boxer dolls.


He's somewhat chunky and out of shape. His face is large and flabby.


He looks to be meek and isn't eager to doing certain acts, (such as murdering two innocent girls).


None given


Normal Life Arc

Apparently he's nothing more than a 'yes-man' as he agreed with his boss that the plan was genius, even though he was aware that every young child knew about Mr. Boxer. He even pointed out that his nephew was an avid fan, much to the shock of his boss.

The plan soon turned sour as Shuto's sisters accidentally picked up one of the drug-carrying dolls. This led to a kidnapping and almost murder until Ratman showed up to save the twins. The henchman didn't stand a chance against the living bio-weapon but luckily, (or unluckily depending on how one looks at it), he received a finger-flick to the forehead and was knocked out. He and his boss were arrested.


He did have a knife and tried to attack Ratman with it, though it turned out to be useless.


Drug Dealer

The henchaman is considered as the hired muscle and flunky, though he seemed to be more intelligent than his boss.

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