Drug Lord
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Evil
Professional Characteristics
Occupation Main Boss
Affiliation Major Drug-Trafficking Operation
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 25

This fat and bald man is the top leader of a large drug ring.


Strangely enough, aside from the longer mustache, he looks very similar to the Associate Editor-in-Chief for Hero Magazine.


He's very arrogant and thinks he's above the law, especially after hiring G9 to fight against other heroes that would inevitably come after him. This overconfidence faded quickly after Ankaiser defeats G9 with ease.


At some point he became the leader of a drug ring.


Normal Life Arc

The drug lord's operation was first mentioned in Chapter 21 as one of his subordinates, a minor street dealer, got the idea of smuggling the drugs inside a Mr. Boxer doll. However, this plan fell through quickly due to the toy's popularity, Shuto's sisters accidentally picking up the wrong doll, and Ratman coming to their rescue. This led to the arrest of several of the smaller bosses, though the drug lord remained free.

His main operation was shut down when Ankaiser and Van Guardner arrived at his headquarters to arrest him.

Though he had hired G9 to act as a counter against heroes, neither G9 nor his private army was a match for them. After a violent fight and some major property damage, the entire drug organization was shut down and all involvement with the Hero Association concerning the resulting explosion, was covered up and blamed on the criminals.


This guy is a normal person.


Street Drug Dealer

This guy is the boss of the Street Drug Dealer.

Drug Dealer's Henchman

This guy is also the boss of the Street Drug dealers henchman.

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