Grand Carrera Hotel
Company Type: Hotel
Specialty: Hosting the After-Hero Awards Party
Current Status: Active, Recently repaired after hotel fire

The Grand Carrera Hotel is a high-end hotel. It was the site of the After-Hero Awards Party, though it soon became a disaster scene, due to an arguement between the members of the Gem Unit of PRISMMAN . A fight broke out which started a fire and endangered all the participants present at the party. The President of the Hero Association directed the rescue efforts among the gathered heroes to safely evacuate all the civilians.

However, not all the heroes took part in the rescue operation, and one hero, (aside from the Gem Unit of PRISMMAN) made the situation even worse. Ankaiser went looking for the Ratman as he heard that he was in the building and even shut off the hotel's sprinkler system so that he could defeat Ratman in a more dramatic fashion. This callous attitude, plus his mocking comments about Rio's dream, pushed Ratman over the edge and made him sink into his Animalistic State. The arrogant hero was nearly torn apart by the Berserk Ratman before being saved by fellow hero Van Guardner.

The aftermath of the fire and its cause was mostly covered up by the Hero Association, though Ruby Red did admit to his part in causing the incident and offered to give up his Hero License.

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