Personal Characteristics
Gender Female
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 33
Cherry Blossoms That Bloom In The Spring

Haruka is a regular customer of Pizza Fat and later girlfriend of Taishi.


Fat Haruka

How Shuto and his friend assumed she looked like

She is a very beautiful woman with waist length black hair, a slim figure, and a beauty mark just under her right eye. Anzu stated that she was way out of her brother's league.

When described to the others by Fatman, they also assumed she was fat. Something that annoyed him.


She has a very sweet and kind personality, and was originally attracted to Taishi when he used his abilities to cheer up a crying child.


She first noticed Taishi when he turned into Fatman and cheered up a crying child. After that she was drawn to him and visited Pizza Fat regularly to order Sweet Apricot. It was around the time she started coming around did Taishi start to fall for her.


Post-Unchain Arc

Haruka is first shown coming into Pizza Fat and ordering a small Sweet Apricot. Later she is walking to her home, when she is attacked by Ratman and Jackies. She then asks who they are, when she is saved by Taichi as Fatman. She then gets behind Taichi and watches his fight Ratman and the Jackies. While watching them fight, She figures out what happens. She then listens as Taichi apologizes, and why they did it. She then tells Taichi that he didn't have to act cool infront of her, and that explains how she notices him. She and Taichi then become boyfriend and girlfriend.

Later, Haruka wasn't invited to work at the beach restaurant became Taichi won't be able to concentrate.

Rematch Arc

Some time later, Haruka is in the hospital visiting Taichi. She apologizes to him for putting him in the hospital (because Taichi to much of her pizza's). Haruka then gets lovey-dovey with Taichi, causing the other to leave.


She is a very skilled cook, as Taishi overate due to the fact he couldn't stop eating her delicious food.


Taishi Hosokawa

She is Taishi's girlfriend. She fell in love with him after he used his superhero persona to cheer up a crying child. They are very lovey dovey around each other.