Hero Booster Program
Device Type: Hero Enhancement Computer Application
Function: Increases the power and weapons of a hero to near-A Rank levels or more.
Side effects: Causes mental instability
First Appearance: Effects (Ratman Chapter 43) Actual Program (Ratman Chapter 46)

This is the main cause of all the trouble during the Hero Booster Arc. Marketed as a supposedly 'illegal' upgrade software for all commercial heroes, the users initially believed that the new program 'Hero Booster/Hero Amplification,' would make it appear that they had gained more power, thereby gain more fame. However, this application actually transmits a viral program that not only upgrades the hero's powers and equiment, it also affects his/her mind in a manner similar to what Ratman feels when he enters his Animalistic State. This is due to IS-KA actually transmitting his own S Gene power through his Smartphone to other devices that had downloaded the program. As a result, the hero will begin to attack anything and anyone he/she perceives as a threat. This causes a great deal of trouble for the Hero Association as their representatives begin attacking innocent civillians with very little cause or no reason at all. As a result, the users themselves become powerful, uncontrollable living weapons that do not feel pain and will use lethal force against anyone who tries to stop them.

The purpose behind this program is currently unknown, but it can be assumed to have something to do with IS-KA's knowledge of the S Gene. Apparently, he had planned for the lower-ranking heroes to download his program after becoming jealous of his rapid rise from D to B-Rank. The ones who were affected by the Hero Program are Mr. Big Horn, the D-Rank Duo, Slave Mask, several other low-ranking heroes, and almost Ratman himself. Apparently, the program can only be downloaded by using a smartphone. The web site that offered this program was shut down, but it was too late to stop those who had already obtained the application.

One extremely dangerous side-effect of the program to note, is the fact that the user may become permanently psychotic if under the influence for too long. After a week, Mr. Big Horn was in danger of losing himself to the madness until Fatman managed to literally knock him back to his senses. The end result to this deadly experiment was nearly a disaster for the citizens, and the Hero Association took a very bad public-relations hit. However, Crea was able to find the antidote to the Hero Booster Program and transmit it through the infected smartphones. This caused all the berserk heroes to be knocked out, though once again the commerical heroes are given the credit for ending the menace.