Group Type: Organization
Purpose: Regulation of super-powered beings
Public safety

The title given to people who have access to technology that grants them super human abilities and use said abilities to stop crime and save people.


Many years ago, advancement in technology was made that allowed for "super heroes" to be a reality. Leading to a widespread public interest, which led to the creation of the Hero Association and the Hero License. To keep up with the payments for the treatments, many heroes are even mascots for corporations.


To the public, the Heroes are people to look up to as they fight crime and protect the innocent. All in the name of Justice.

However, some Heroes only have rank and glory in mind, not caring about the people unless they are getting worshiped for their actions, such as two D-Ranked heroes that blindly chased a Jacky in hopes of rising in their rank while ignore the people around them. Ankaiser sees his hero status as nothing more than a job and will do actions that will put innocence in danger just to make himself look more heroic.

Despite that, there are still many heroes that truly believe that their status as a Hero is a sign of respect and to protect the innocence. The Akiba Holy Girls help citizens and truly fought for peace. Also, Ruby Red was completely ashamed of his actions that caused a hotel to catch on fire and wished to turn in his license.


Hero Association Members
Ankaiser. Fatman1 Van Guardner Unchain3
Ankaiser Fatman Van Guardner Unchain
UH Shiningman Mr. Big Horn Maiden Color
Kreios Shiningman Mr. Big Horn Heavenly Maiden
AHG2 Randolman Red Blue
Akiba Holy Girls Randolman Ruby Red Sapphire Blue
Yellow G9 Mr. Carsonbo Yavais2
Topaz Yellow G9 Mr. Carsonbo Yavais
D-rankpair IS-KA05 HeroRio Slavemask
The D-Rank Duo IS-KA Cat Girl Rio Slave Mask
Monsieurlin Mrniku
Monsieurlin Mr. Niku
Non-Hero Members
Shou Kaki Teramishi Tongo2
Shouichirou Kizaki Takaki Teramishi Mr. and Mrs. Mizushima
Andou Billy Mama
Andou Hironobu Billy Big Mama
Ex-Hero Members
Crea Gengo1
Crea Mizushima Gengo Mizushima



Leaked Hero Information

First Crime Arc

After Ratman and the Jackys snuck into the Kizaki Mansion, they leaked information on all of the heroes of the Hero Association on the internet. The information was on the heroes strength's and weaknesses. One of the heroes, Ankaiser, tried to stop them, but failed when they ran away.

Hero Awards Party Arc

After Hero Awards Arc


H License

A quick glimpse of a Hero's License

Each hero is given a rank. It is currently unknown if this rank is attached to their strength level, their heroic actions, or both. The normal rank system goes from F to A, the F being the lowest and A being the highest. However, under dire circumstances, there are also S rank heroes to be called upon who are unknown to the general public.


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