IS-KA05's Smartphone/Mini-Computer
Device Type: Smartphone
Transformation Device
Computer Access Terminal
Functions: Communications
Hero Transformation
Multiple Application Access
First Appearance: Ratman Chapter 42

This is IS-KA's main device in which he is able to transform into his Hero Mode. After initiating the Hero Change Boot-Up, the Smartphone mounts itself on his left arm, By using a holographic access terminal projected from the Smartphone, he is able to activate a variety of computer applications for defensive, offensive or intelligence-gathering needs. The Smartphone also inculdes general functions such as communication, GPS, information storage and various other abilities found on similar devices. It is very likely that it also possesses the same functions as the Hero Tracker .

A civilian model of this Smartphone is available on the market, but was completely sold out during IS-KA's rapid rise through the Hero ranks. However, the consumer models were also being used as receivers for S Gene energy, via the Hero Booster Program, thereby making other lower-ranking heroes go berserk with their newly-enhanced powers.

However like any electronic device. If he uses it to much the battery will be drained quickly, leaving him without any abilities.