Jacky 5
Jacky 5
Rōmaji Jakki^ 5
Alias Jacky 5
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male and Female
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Fire Manipulation
Martial Arts
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 5
Trouble Conference Room in Jackall

The Jacky 5 (アボリジニ5, Jakki^ 5) are virtual reality training Heroes, based on the Jacky Combatants.


Nothing is known about their personalities as they are all silent like a regular Jacky.



Jacky 5 in terms of appearance, is a stereotypical superhero/sentai team. One of the members, most likely the leader, is of average build. There is an extremely muscular and tall member, a skinny and weird member and a fat and overweight one. Like every superhero team, Jacky 5 also has a female member, wearing a skirt.

The uniform of Jacky 5 is a basic superhero suit with decorations of bones on it. They have underpants above their regular pants (with a skirt for the girl) and a belt above that. Their helmets are simple skulls.


First Crimes Arc

The Jacky 5 are first seen during Shuto's virtual reality training, in which the Jacky five easily defeat Shuto.


Despite their comic appearance, they are shown to be skilled and strong fighters. They were able to easily defeat Ratman.


  • This is the only time a female Jacky has been seen.
  • They are the second group seen so far with both genders.
  • They are an obvious parody of 5 men hero teams.