Jacky Uniform
Item: Uniform
Specialty: Signature uniform of the Jacky Combatants
This is the standard uniform that the Jacky Combatants wear at all times. It is a form-fitting black body suit and tights, with images of white long bones on the arms and legs, along with a ribcage design on the front. The belt has a large buckle with a letter J emblazoned on it. The helmet is modeled after a human skull, complete with a moving lower jaw. The white gloves and boots complete the ensemble. Whether this outfit gives the wearer a form of protection is questionable though the Jackies have been seen to withstand blows and impacts that would have seriously injured a normal person. At the very least, the uniform does hide all facial and body features, which keeps their identities secret. The gloves leave no fingerprints while the boots only leave general footprints. Despite how conspicuous the outfit is, amazingly the Jackies are able to move about in public with very few people even noticing them or sparing them more than a passing glance. Even in the middle of a bustling crowd, almost no

A Jacky in Shibuya

one pays attention to them. This could be because costumed heroes are a common sight, and the Jackies blend in without drawing too much attention. What's even more amazing is the fact that they can suddenly appear out of thin air or bypass most security systems and guards without detection.

Amusingly, they present a spare suit to Mirea as a suggestion of what to wear for her date with Shuto, which she immediately turns down. Though this does go againt what Crea stated in a later chapter, claiming they only had 3 uniforms.

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