Kadoyama Press
Company Newspaper
Specialty: Hero Magazine
Yellow Journalism

Kadoyama Press is a newspaper company.


They are the publisher of Hero Magazine, a popular magazine about the heroics from the Heroes. However, since the Hero Association controls nearly all the media, Hero Magazine and Kadoyama Press never write any articles which can be detrimental to the Association. As a result, the truth about the hero G9 working for a criminal drug boss was covered up, and Ankaiser's destruction of property was blamed on the criminals.

Furthermore, Hero Magazine's editor-in-chief employs reporters (like Takigawa), with very little in terms of morality. As a result, the magazine often uses 'yellow journalism' and prints articles without doing sufficient research and based on rumors. This makes the magazine look more like a tabloid than a credible news source as it basically prints lies and false stories in order to boost sales, regardless of who is hurt because of them. In essence, Hero Magazine is committing libel.

Reporter Chihaya Sugimura wishes to report the truth about the Heroes and finds the current stories about them to be dull and meaningless. She finds the exploits of Ratman to be more intriguing, but after the incident in which Takigawa's car was destroyed due to his intent to print a false story about Mirea, all stories concerning Ratman were to be killed and he was not to be reported on.

The most recent example of Hero Magazine's continuing practice of libel is blaming the damage done to an underground parking lot on Ratman, when in fact it was actually Ankaiser's Dragon Cannon which caused it. This in turn caused the public to circulate wild rumors about Ratman, such as having poisonous fangs. Shiki found these rumors to be quite amusing and was barely able to contain his laughter in class. Shuto however, did not find it funny and decided to lay low until the dust settled.

With the rampage of the low-ranking heroes during the Hero Booster arc, Kadoyama Press may not be able to cover up the incident and keep the bad press away from the Hero Association. Furthermore, unknown to the editor-in-chief and Takigawa, the company actually has a ground-breaking scoop on their hands as Ratman had revealed his secret identity to Chihaya. However she decides not to print the story due to him saving her life. Also, she does not trust her company to print the truth about him and the real dealings of the Hero Association.

Staff Members

Kadoyama Press Members
Sugi1 Takigawa Editor In Chief
Sugimura Chihaya Takigawa Associate Editor-in-Chief


  • Kadoyama Press is a parody of the Daily Bugle, which constantly accuses Spider-man of various crimes, rather than the real criminals.