Kaiser Gym's Owner
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) None
Occupation Gym Owner
Boxing Trainer
Affiliation Hero Association
Kaiser Gym, (formally One-Way Gym)
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 19

This is the owner of the Kaiser Gym, (formally the One-Way Gym). He also appears to be a boxing trainer or a retired one. He's also someone that Ankaiser looks up to. His real name has not been revealed though Ankaiser does refer to him as 'Boss.'


He has short-cropped hair and a chunky figure, though he seems to be in good health. He's normally seen wearing a sweatsuit and sneakers.


He's open-minded and does not really care about the size or strength of his customers. He even invites Shuto to check out his gym's facilities and tells him that even office workers and women come to train and work off stress.


Not much is known but it seems that he and Ankaiser have some history together and he may have even trained the future hero. He apparently knows about the reason why Ankaiser became a commercial hero and why he gave up professional boxing.


Normal Life Arc

The gym owner makes his first real appearance when he notices Shuto looking at his gym through the front window. He invites him in to check out the facilities and allows him to practice on the heavy bag. He and the other trainees are impressed after Shuto hits the bag with considerable force, (after Ankaiser gives him some tips).

Rematch Arc

After ANK Securities goes bankrupt, the Boss realizes that Ankaiser will have to give up his Hero License. He and his assistant decide to help him out by buying new equipment, registers with the Hero Association, and renaming the gym as the Kaiser Gym. After his rematch with Ratman, Ankaiser agrees to be the sponsored hero of the new business.


None are shown, though it is possible that the Boss does know boxing methods and how to train others.



The Boss considers Ankaiser like a protege and wants to help him out.

Shuto Katsuragi

He thinks of him as a customer with some good potential. He's not aware that Shuto is Ratman.

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