Linda/Mrs. Big Horn
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Female
Side Good
Family Mr. Big Horn (husband)
Professional Characteristics
Occupation Head Waitress
Affiliation Bison Burger
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 20

Linda is the head waitress and wife of Bison Burger's Hero/Mascot Mr. Big Horn .


Linda is a very beautiful young woman with long blonde hair and is normally dressed in her Wild West outfit, thereby depicting the stereotypical image of an American Cowgirl.


Their family name and her husband's identity has yet to be revealed. Linda is very devoted to her spouse, but doesn't really approve of the extreme lengths that her spouse goes to when competing against Pizza Fat's Hero/Mascot Fatman.


In a past flashback, it is shown that they were struggling in the United States, due to the heavy competition of the larger fast-food chains. They had come to Japan, hoping to capitalize on the Hero Craze.


Normal Life Arc

Initially, Linda is introduced as one of the many beautiful girls who work as waitresses at Bison Burger. It isn't until later that she is revealed to be Mr. Big Horn's wife.

Post-Unchain Arc

Linda is the seen a the beach, were Taichi accidently runs into her. She is then introduced as Mr. Big Horns wife. After both restaurant are sold out, she suggestes that they have a friendly game of beach volleyball. She then plans the game until it is stopped by Van Guardner and Ankaiser because, Fatman and Mr. Big Horn were using finishers. 

Hero Booster Arc

When her husband suddenly goes berserk and begins attacking the customers for no reason, Linda rushes over to Pizza Fat to enlist Fatman's aid. After an intense battle with Ratman's support, Fatman is able to defeat Linda's husband and bring him back to his senses.


Mr. Big Horn

Linda loves her husband and will support him in all of his endeavors.


Though technically he is the competition, Linda sees Fatman as a good friend to her husband. She has a habit of calling him 'Fat Boy.'