Mr. Boxer Doll
Mr. Boxer
Item: Stuffed animal figure
Note: Frequently referred to by Mirea and Shuto's sisters

Based on an extremely popular children's show, the Mr. Boxer Doll sells very well in toy stores and is idolized by preschoolers and kindergarteners alike.


Drug-Smuggling Mr. Boxer

On a slightly darker note, a Mr. Boxer doll was used as a covert storage medium to smuggle narcotics on the street. This particular doll even had a GPS tracking device in it. Shuto's sisters inadvertantly picked up one of these dolls by mistake and were put in very extreme danger when the drug dealer kidnapped them. Luckily, Shuto managed to save them and the drug dealer and several of his cohorts were arrested, though the main boss remained free until he was later caught.

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