Mr. Niku
Alias Mr. Niku
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Unknown
Occupation Commercial Hero/Mascot
Affiliation Hero Association
J-Meat Brands
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 7
The Pot Dish is Good!!

Mr. Niku is one of the many commercial heroes who are sponsored by a corporation in order to promote their goods and services. For Mr. Nuku, the company that sponsors him is J-Meat Brands.


He's a muscular person that wears the generic superhero costume, cape and headmask, though his pants and cape are connected by suspenders, and his belt buckle has a JM insignia, indicating the J-Meat Brand that he advertises.


In the commercial he is shown to be heroic and brave, though that could be due to the script. He claims the reason he is so strong is by eating J-Meat, but again this is most likely just due to the script.


At some point Mr. Niku became a hero.


First Crimes Arc

Mr. Niku is shown in a commercial, rescuing a woman from drowning. He pitches the idea to the viewing audience that buying and eating J-Meat Brand products will help build muscles like his. Crea Mizushima scoffs at the display as she believes that commercial heroes are nothing more than glorified spokespeople and corporate tools, and are not true heroes. On a humorous note, one of the Jacky Combatants looks over to an open package of J-Meat.


In the commercial, Mr. Niku is shown flying to a woman's rescue, though it is unlikely he has such a superpower and may be due to special effects.


  • His name pretty much translates to Mr. Meat

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