Company Type: Woman's Magazine
Specialty: Writes articles about what's trendy among women and girls.
Guest Hero: Monsieurlin
Current Status: Active

PenPen is a woman's magazine that writes articles on what's trendy among females. One might think of it as the counterpart to Men's Eggle Co. LTD. After the Apricot Sweet Pizza is unveiled at Pizza Fat, and the sudden success of Bison Burger, the editor of PenPen decided to order food from both restaurants, and judge them in terms of speed of delivery and food quality. She also decided to have the Food Critic Hero Monsieurlin be the guest judge of the contest.

This sparks a battle in the streets as the two restaurants try to deliver their food first. In the end, both orders are delivered at the same time, courtesy of Anzu and Ratman.

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