PenPen's Editor-in-Chief
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Female
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
Occupation Editor-in-chief
Affiliation PenPen Magazine
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 20

This is PenPen Magazine's editor-in-chief.


She is a very attractive young woman with shoulder-length black hair and glasses.


Unlike the Associate Editor-in-Chief for Hero magazine, the Editor-in-Chief of PenPen Magazine seems to be more open-minded and gives the subjects of each article a fair chance.


Atr some point she became the editor-in-chief of PenPen Magazine.


Normal Life Arc

When one of her employees presents her with the articles concerning Pizza Fat and Bison Burger, PenPen's editor decides to make the stories more interesting by setting up a competition between the two restaurants. She comes up with the idea to order food from both businesses and have the Food Critic Hero Monsieurlin judge their orders in terms of fast delivery, taste and overall service.

Though it seems to be a fair contest, she inadvertently starts a brawl between Mr. Big Horn and Fatman. In the end, both orders are delivered at the same time.

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