Pizza Fat
Pizza Fat1
Company Type: Family-owned fast food chain
Sponsored Hero: Fatman
Specialty: Apricot Sweet Pizza
Current Status: Active

A very popular pizza restaurant in the series.


It is a restaurant often used by the characters at a place to eat. The Jackal Society seem to enjoy ordering their pizza from said restaurant. The Hero that is sponsored by the corporation is Fatman whose family also owns and runs it. It's motto is 'Who gives a rat's ass about calories?'

However it had hit some hard times due to the fact most people were preferring to go with less calorie foods where Pizza Fat was against doing so if it affected the taste. It wasn't long after Fatman's heroics did business start to pick up again.

Recently, the company gained a rival with an American food chain, Bison Burger. Currently, Pizza Fat's signature pizza is Apricot Sweet.


Pizza Fat at the beach

It is also revealed that Pizza Fat runs a stand on the beach during summer vacation. Shuto and his friends help Fatman and his sister. With the girls dressed in swimsuits and aprons, the pizza sells out quickly.