Pizza Shuriken
Device Type: Food item
Improvised weapon
User: Fatman
Functions: Throwing Projectile
Though this might be considered as the silliest weapon to be used by a hero, it is still potentially able to cause injury, provided that the pizzas are scalding hot, (ie: just pulled from the oven).

In order to impress Haruka, Fatman had staged a 'fake attack' with the Jacky Combatants and Ratman, in which he would come to her 'rescue.' However, since his only ability is the power to temporarily harden his fat into muscle, he had to improvise a ranged attack with whatever means he had. Therefore, he used large pizzas like throwing discs, in which they actually hit with reasonable accuracy, and delivered a bit of pain.

What's even more surprising is the fact that the pizzas actually stayed together in flight and did not break apart, considering that they were pre-sliced. Apparently they weren't sliced all the way through. The odds of Fatman resorting to using these food items as weapons again are highly unlikely.

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