Rio de Carnival
Rio's Killer Move
Killer Move Type: Boxing/Kickboxing Combination
User: Rio Kizaki
Special Note: Upgraded to Rio the Beat Carnival when using the Cat Claw Gauntlets
After training with Billy, Rio comes up with her own Killer Move, using her speed and visual acuity to find a weakness in her oppoent's movements. Once she gets an opening, she knocks her opponent off-balance, then goes into a flurry of punches and kicks, ending in a hard uppercut.

Rio's New Killer Move

When combined with her Cat Claw Gauntlets , her Killer Move becomes the Rio the Beat Carnival, with the added power and reach of the claws. The main weakness to both of these techniques is the fact that once Rio goes into either attack, she is committed and if her opponent breaks that pattern or is still standing afterwards, she will be left wide open.

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