Sapphire Blue
Alias Sapphire Blue
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Sapphire Gem
Occupation Commercial Hero
Member of the Gem Unit of PRISMMAN
Affiliation Hero Association
Gimza Jewelry Taki
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 8
Surprised Party Full of Heroes!!

Sapphire Blue is one of the members of the Gem Unit of PRISMMAN.



Blue's Actual Appearance

Sapphire Blue is an average adult with wild dark colored hair. He wears a dark colored jacket with vertical lines, over a white button down shirt, dark colored pants with vertical lines, black dress shoes, and a black tie.

As Sapphire Blue, he wears a one piece suit with a white square line on the chest, a dark collar, a belt, dark boots, dark braclets, and a face place with a large sapphire on it.


Blue is shown to not like how Red acts and is willing to attack him when he is fed up with Reds actions. He does show some concern for Red when Red falls into a hole from an explosion.


A some point Sapphire Blue became a hero and became a member of the Gem Unit of PRISMMAN.


Hero Awards Party Arc

Sapphire Blue is first seen argueing with Ruby Red in the bathroom. He then transforms with Yellow and attacks with Sapphire Storm. He is then punched by red. When red tries to attack again, he is save by Yellow who tries to attack Red. He then forces Red through a wall into the hallway, and is about to attack again but is stopped by Ratman. He is then knocked out when Red attacks Ratman.

He is then taken to safety by a jacky, along with the rest. He then wakes up when they run into Rio. When Red falls down the hole, he and yellow help in up. It is unknown what happen to Blue afterwards.


Sapphire Blue is the leader of the Gem Unit and can use sapphire to attack with.


  • Sapphire: Sapphire Blue can use Sapphires to create blasts to attack his opponent with.
  • Crystal Transformation: The crystal transformation is the way that Sapphire Blue and the rest of the Gem Unit transforms into their hero gear. It is currently unknown how they preform it though.


  • Sapphire Storm: Sapphire Storm uses a sapphire to create a blast at his opponent.


Ruby Red

Sapphire Blue is in the same unit as Ruby Red, but he doesn't like how Red alway takes all the glory.

Topaz Yellow

Sapphire Blue is in the same unit as Topaz Yellow, but nothing is known about how well the two get along.