Shadow Mask Magic Belt
Item: Replica toy prop
Note: Very rare and expensive piece of merchandise

In order to thank Rio for saving him at the hotel during the After Hero Awards party, Shuto decides to buy her a gift. He decides to get her a replica of the magic belt worn by the hero in the Shadow Mask movie, and goes to the Akihabara district. However, the item is extremely difficult to find and Shuto almost gives up but manages to chance upon a store that still sold it.

During an encounter with the Akiba Holy Girls, Shuto's purchase is stolen by a gang of street hoodlums. As he goes into action as Ratman to get it back, he is surprised to be beaten to the punch, as the Akiba Holy Girls fight the gang off and recover all the stolen merchandise. Shuto is able to get his gift back and present it to Rio, who absolutely loves it as it further strengthens her desire to become a hero.


  • Apparently this is such a hot item, that thieves are willing to go to great lengths to steal it and sell it for a large profit.