Van Guardner's Shield Generator

(Current Version)

Device Type: Defensive Energy Shield
User: Van Guardner
Function: Emits a protective barrier to deflect physical and energy-based attacks
First Appearance: Ratman Chapter 10

Van Guardner's Shield Power (Early Version)

Van Guardner's s main power lie in his ability to project defensive energy barriers against attacks, making him a defensive hero. The first version of his shield powers were contained in his gloves and he had to hold up both arms to bring up a circular energy barrier in front of him.

However, this had several drawbacks as he couldn't go on the offensive and he had a very limited amount of energy. This was proven critical during his confrontation with Ratman as his barrier was unable to hold up against repeated hits from Ratman's Breath-Laser.

VG Shield

Upgraded Shield Power

At the same time that Ankaiser got an upgarade to his offensive powers, Van Guardner received an enhanced armored costume and a new shield generator in his right gauntlet. This new equipment not only has more power, but is able to generate a stronger barrier than can enclose Van Guardner and anyone nearby in a 360-degree sphere of protection. At this point, the barrier is powerful enough to easily withstand an exploding fuel tank from a semi-truck. Its maximum radius appears to be 30 meters.

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