Shouichirou's Secret Room
Location: Kizaki Mansion
Specialty: Secret files concerning the S Project, Shiningman, and the S Gene
This is the room in which Shouichirou wants no one, not even his daughter to enter. However, after the Hero Booster Arc, while he is away to confront Crea Mizushima, Ratman and the Jacky Combatants again break into his home. This time however, his daughter Rio actually helps them get into the room, once she learns that Ratman is actually Shuto.

After obtaining a keycard to bypass the security door, she and Shuto begin looking through the many files and videos that are stored there. They learn about the accident in which Shuto receives the S Gene and scar on his back, as well as some shocking revelations about Shiningman and the event that took the life of Rio's mother.

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