Shuto's High School
Building Type: High School
Specialty: Three members of the Hero Association and two members of Jackal attend as students

The name of Shuto's High School is not mentioned, though it is often the scene of much activity by the Hero Association and Jackal. Probably the most frequented area of the school is the roof of the main building as many of the characters either spend private time there, or heroes and anti-heroes meet by accident.

Hero Association members Rio Kizaki , Shiki Kazamori and Mikoto Kujo attend as students, as well as Jackal members Mirea Mizushima and Shuto Katsuragi. It is also a place in which the Jacky Combatants go to when they are secretly, (or not-so-secretly) observing Shuto. It is unclear if IS-KA attends as well, though it does not seem likely. He does however, get into a short fight with Heavenly Maiden while seeking out the other person with the S Gene.

Characters who attend

Shuto Katsuragi

Mirea Mizushima

Rio Kizaki

Shiki Kazamori

Mikoto Kujo

Anzu Hosokawa

Kanta Matsui


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