Shuto's Room
Location: Katsuragi Home
Specialty: Hero Otaku Collection

This is Shuto's room at his home, in which he takes great pride in his collection of action figures, souvenirs and other memorabilia. Anything and everything that has to do with heroes, Shuto will add it to his growing collection.He's so into heroes, that he will start every day by reciting Shiningman's mantra and copying his action poses. This in turn makes him the target of his sisters' taunts about his hero worship.

Ironically, the Jackal Organization knows about his collection and in the original contract that they tricked him into signing, they threatened to burn all of his action firgures, if he refused to follow orders and break into the Kizaki home.

Shuto gets his action figure fixed.

His action figure collection would later get his sisters into trouble when Ana breaks a rare Mr. Blast action figure and goes to try and replace it. However, the twins end up in hot water when they are kidnapped by a drug dealer, due to a mixup with a Mr. Boxer doll. Luckily, Shuto as Ratman, managed to find and save them. His sisters now have a better insight on their brother's admiration of heroes and even look up to his alter-ego, though they do not know that Shuto and Ratman are one-in-the-same.


  • Though Shuto will collect any and all items that pertain to heroes, he had destroyed all clippings and other pictures of Ankaiser, after he had encountered the arrogant hero and his callous comment about heroes 'dying after signing up with corporations.' He especially did not like how Ankaiser made fun of Rio Kizaki's dream to become a hero.

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