Shuto Katsuragi
Kanji 葛城首藤
Rōmaji Katsuragi Shutō
Alias Ratman (ラットマン, Rattoman)
Shorty (ちび, Chibi)
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Technically 'Evil'
Basically Good
Family Nozomi Katsuragi
Ana Katsuragi
Yuna Katsuragi
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Animal Instinct
Body Morph
Breath Laser
Shining Ray
Occupation Jackal 'Villain'
High School Student
Affiliation Jackal
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Shuto Katsuragi (葛城首藤, Katsuragi Shutō) was an aspiring hero, who one day, went through certain events that made him accidentally join the "evil" organization Jackal, and became the "villain", Ratman. Shuto is the son of Nozomi Katsuragi, and the older brother of his twin sisters Ana Katsuragi and Yuna Katsuragi. His father is Atsuto Katsuragi.



Shuto's Scar

Shuto has brown hair and wears the standard school uniform. Shuto is short for his age, as he is a little less than five feet.

He also has a very large scar on his back, though he has no memory of where he got it.


He is a bit rash when he sees someone in need. Such as when Mirea was in "danger", he readily accepted a contract to be able to save her despite noticing how suspicious this was, as well as jumping into the middle of a busy street to save a cat without thinking. In some cases, he can be quite dense, such as not noticing how similar Crea and Mirea were, and actually falling for the ruse that got him enlisted in Jackal. He also doesn't notice Mirea's growing attraction to him.

Shuto saved a cat
In the beginning, Shuto's idol Shiningman was the perfect symbol of what a hero should be. However, even Shiningman tells him that by truly wanting to protect someone, will he become a hero like no other. Shuto does not really understand these words until after he becomes Ratman. Due to Ankaiser's callous comment about being a hero is just a job, and seeing commercial heroes acting selfishly in order to raise their popularity, (such as the Gem Unit of PRISMMAN ), Shuto begins to wonder if his own ideals of heroism is outdated. However, his faith in becoming a hero himself is restored with others like Randolman , the Akiba Holy Girls and even Fatman, (who eventually begins to refer Shuto as a hero). Even if he were to never get a Hero's License from the Association, Shuto sticks to his beliefs that a real hero doesn't care about fame or fortune, a hero simply cares to protect others. For him, a hero is for the good of others, rather than for himself. Initially he copied just about everything he knew about Shiningman, right down to chanting his mantra every morning. However, he is beginning to break away from that habit as he is taking the lessons he had learned so far and becoming his own hero. He's even trying to work on his own Ratman mantra.

Overall, he has two things that tick him off: people who make fun of his height, and people who fake being a hero.



Young Shuto being saved by Shiningman

Approximately seven years ago, after the appearance of Shiningman, Shuto was saved by the superhero from some disaster, though at that point, he also received a very large scar on his back. He has no memory of how he got it, though judging by the size of the wound, it is very likely that the injury would have been life-threatening. The fact that he has no recollection of the ordeal may indicate that he has either some kind of mental trauma or that his memories may have been tampered with.

From that time, Shuto strives greatly to one day become a hero just like him. However, he also believes that his height will greatly diminish his chance of ever receiving a Hero's License. To deal with this, he usually drinks lots of milk a day, but has yet shown any results.

It isn't until he meets up with Mirea that his dream finally comes true, though not in the way that he had expected.


First Crimes Arc

Shuto is remembering the time when he met Shiningman; and saying Shiningman's chant, while getting ready for school. His sisters Ana and Yuna catch him and Ana starts making fun of him. He argues with Ana for a bit while Yuna watched until their mother yelled at them to get to school.

Shuto arrives at school and in class greets his best friend, Kanta Matsui. Kanta shows Shuto a picture of him with Randolman, a hero, whom he met the day before. Shuto and Kanta start talking to their friend about heroes, but get annoyed when she repeatedly and purposely kept getting Randolman's name wrong. Mirea Mizushima shows up to class, and while most of the others either ignored her or talked about her, he goes up and talks to her. She returns the book that he let her borrow. Mirea tells him that she liked a certain chapter of the book and Shuto goes on about heroes and justice etc.

He later left the room with Kanta and as they walked down to the restroom Kanta asked him if he was close to Mirea due to him seeing Shuto and Mirea exchange in the classroom. Shuto answers and tells him he just lent her a book. Continuing the conversation in the restroom, Kanta tells him how unapproachable Mirea is to everyone else. Shuto says he didn't notice that. Shuto and Kanta almost forget that gym class is next, so they go change. In gym class, Shuto tries to challenge Nagasawa, the girls' favorite, in basketball. Nagasawa tells Shuto that he should give up on becoming a hero because he'd be the World's Shortest Hero, and scores a basket against Shuto. He tells Shuto to know his place, and calls him Shorty. This leads to a fight between the two that the gym teacher had to break up. On his way to the Nurse's office he is accompanied by Mirea. When he asks why she is walking with him, she says that she is on the Student Health Committee. When Mirea asks what Nagasawa said, Shuto says he'll never tolerate anyone who makes fun of his height. He proceeds to talk about his shortness and how he tries to change it. Mirea then tell him that she truly believes that he will definitely become a superhero. Hearing this causes his heart to beat and made him blush. He then starts to get nervous and made an excuse to her to get away and think.

He ends up somewhere on the school-grounds where two delinquents were smoking but did not notice them. He reminisced about what he talked with Mirea, his resolve to be a hero, then fantasized about what kind of hero he wants to be, with his future person being called Super Nova; he does this while unknowingly being watched by the delinquents. He then proceeds to enact his fighting moves which caused his indoor shoe to fly-off and land on one of the delinquent's pompadour. The delinquent got angry and before he beats up Shuto a girl fell from the sky and does a Frankensteiner to the delinquent and knocking him out to Shuto's amazement. Shuto watched as the other delinquent recognized her as "Rio Kizaki from class 2-A! The only daughter of the president of the Hero's Association and a huge Wrestling fan!" Shuto then watch as Rio lists what wrongs they did before proceeding to beat-up the delinquent. Afterwards Shuto talked with Rio for awhile until Rio's Hero Tracker activated, telling her there something is happening at the bus stop. As she left, Shuto thinks to himself that she is amazing but then begins to self-depreciate due to being saved by a girl. He then says aloud to himself that it may be impossible to be a hero after all; unbeknownst to him Mirea was in earshot.

Later around 3:28, Shuto was invited by his friends to go to the arcade but he refused by saying that he is going straight home. On his way home, while feeling sorry for himself and thinking about watching his Super Mask DVDs when he gets home, he spots a skeleton masked man spying on him from an alley. The masked man then disappeared from the corner, causing Shuto to rub his eyes in disbelief but when he looked again he sees two peeking from the corner. Coming to the conclusion that they are evil, he runs to the alley to confront them but then sees three of them feeding cats and freezes in his tracks. Shuto watches as one pulls out a cellphone and them trying not to answer it until the one who pulled it out just pressed ignore. Shuto then concluded that they are not evil after all and decided to go home. As he was on his way, they jumped him from behind, taped his mouth, tie him up, and stuffed him in a sack.

After a few minutes of being dragged around in the sack, two of the skeletal costumed goons (now wearing Christmas costumes over their uniforms) opened it up in front of their commanders, one is an old man and another a beautiful woman. The woman welcomes Shuto and announces that they are the secret society Jackal. Shuto was amazed that an evil organization actually exists, then he saw Mirea hanging from chains. He tried to say something to them but the tape prevented him. The woman then ordered the goon to take the tape off which he did. Shuto, now able to speak, asked them why they kidnapped Mirea and himself and what are their motives. The woman just tells him that they are just doing it because they are villains. She then tells him that the organization is using them as bait "to lure out the hero here." The woman and the old man then commented that heroes love children.

Out of nowhere a man wearing a shirt saying "I'm HERO" arrived at the scene, he then said a corny phrase saying that he fell into a trap. He then cornily tells Shuto to not worry but gets whacked in the face by a goon with a bat. The "hero" comments that it was unfair ambushing him and decides to transform but was interrupted by the goons beating him up; Shuto mentally comments that the "hero" was a pushover. The woman vocally expresses her disappointment and ordered a goon to open-up the floor under Mirea which revealed a container filled with some sort of bubbling liquid. Upon the woman saying "Showtime," Mirea then is lowered to the liquid container; Shuto is yelling to the organization to stop it.

Ratman saving mirea

Shuto saving Mirea

The "hero" untied Shuto then asked him if he wanted to save the girl and handed him a watch. The woman identifies it and dramatically exclaimed that the watch was a transformation device that can turn people into a hero called APPEND GEAR. Shuto thought to himself on what they said of the watch and what Shiningman told long ago; the woman orders the goons to take the watch. As Shuto puts it on the "hero" tells him he has to sign a contract first. With Mirea's life in danger, Shuto decided that there was no time to be suspicious and signed the contract and transformed; the Jackal Society watch him transform. Comments to himself how it feels to transform, he then looks to Mirea and that "[he'll] be right there," and, rushing, jumps to her and frees her of the chains.

As Shuto lands carrying Mirea, she opens her eyes and tells him that he finally became a hero. Shuto was confused on what she said. Mirea points towards Jackal, when Shuto looks the society welcomes him again but this time in a more friendly way with party favors; this made his jaw-drop in-suit. They gave him a glass of alcoholic drink, he thanks them but states he's still a high-school student and can't drink, the woman said "Now don't be silly!! We're an evil organization after all!!" Shuto got held up on her saying "We," and asked if they're mixed up since Jackal was the villains and he was the hero...right? The old man laughingly questioned Shuto if he really was a hero and showed him his reflection. Shuto was shocked at what he saw, more than how his body changed, it bugged him that his suit makes him look like a monster. The woman told him that he will now lead Jackal's troops, Mirea stands by Jackal as the woman talks. The woman identifies herself as the leader of Jackal, Crea Mizushima, and thanks Shuto for taking care of her little sister at school. He was surprised at her claim but after a careful look he notices that they do have a resemblance to each other. Shuto drops to his knees thinking to himself that he's been had, Crea abrupt his thoughts telling him since he signed a contract he can't resist; the "hero" holds up the contract and reveals himself as one of the skeletal goons. Crea then tells Shuto that she is looking forward to working with him calling him "Test subject #1 Ratman!" The next day, during math class, Shuto mentally comments that the same old same old should be like this everyday, but then remembers what happened yesterday: finding out that Mirea is part of an evil organization, him (unwillingly) joining the organization, and Crea calling him Ratman. He then gets depressed in thinking that he is straying from his path in being a hero. He then recalls his upperclassman Rio and how heroic she was and wonders what she would think of his situation. Depressed, he looks out the window and sees the Jackies, the skeletal costumed henchmen of Jackal. He mouths to them to go away, they respond by doing a disappearing thumb trick. He angrily yells that he did not know what it means disrupting the class, the teacher makes him stand in the hallway holding two buckets. While angrily thinking on what the Jackies are doing at school they pop up right next to him, tying and gagging him, and carried him away.

Later at Jackal's base, Gengo Mizushima, the old man, laughingly thanked Shuto for yesterday and asked him how his body is doing. Shuto answered "nothing special," Crea types it down as no side-effect and that he's adapting. Shuto then asked them why they chose him to be Ratman, Crea answers him the reason is because he is short and no one would connect the big Ratman with a shorty. Gengo then added that they also needed a test subject, Shuto dishearteningly drops to his knees exasperated at his explanation; Crea gives a wily smile as she looks over to Mirea who in turn looks away sheepishly while holding a cat. Shuto protests that he does not want to be Ratman but Crea ignores him and tells him that today is Ratman's first mission. She tells him it is to infiltrate the data center of the Hero Association's Headquarters, the Kizaki Estate, and steal the personal information of every hero license holder along with every single file on all the businesses registered with the Association. After hearing her out, Shuto tried to protest again but Crea cuts him off to reminded him of his contract and lists the articles to make him obey. He begrudgingly concedes to it, Crea cracks her whip to the ground and tells him to have a better attitude, he gives her a nervous affirmation. Before he left he asked her if it's a bit unreasonable, her response is that she could consider relieving the contract if the mission was a success.

On his way to Kizaki manor, as Ratman hopping from the rooftops, he notes how incredible Ratman's power is. When he gets there he wonders how is he supposed to sneak in considering it may have state-of-the-art security. He then sees the Jackies try to jump the wall but they failed when the dogs started barking. When he and the Jackies were finally in they got lost trying to go to the data center but they ended up in the bathroom. Suddenly the door opens revealing a naked Rio much to his surprise. He embarrassingly looked away claiming that he did not see anything, but Rio kicks him away. She berates them asking them whether they are intruders because to her she sees them as perverts. Just as she was asking them the Jackies were playing with her underwear, she responded with a scream causing Shuto as Ratman to runaway. As he ran through the hallway, he curses his predicament and wonders if Rio will hate him. He then ran into the maid and a trainer who proceeded to fight him. After the man unleashed a combo onto him, Shuto decided to escape them by jumping through a window.

When he finally gets to the data center he realized that he does not know how to retrieve the files due to not being good with computers. One Jacky comes up to him and assures him that he will take care of it. As Ratman watches the Jacky work on the computer, he is attacked from behind by hero. As the hero made an introduction and talked a bit, Ratman identified him as Ankaiser and asked him for an autograph. Ankaiser gave him a dumbfounded look, Shuto misunderstood it as being too soon to ask for an autograph and asked for a handshake instead holding out his hand. Ankaiser responded by slamming him onto his back, it then dawned unto Shuto that he is in a situation. Ankaiser then mounts Ratman and smacks him while berating him on what he thinks are tricks, this caused Shuto to remember that he is an intruder.

Later, Ratman and the Jacky are in a seize position in front of Ankaiser, Shuto mentally apologizes to Crea for getting caught. Ankaiser berates them for trying to challenge the Hero Association before interrogating them if the have more accomplices. This caused Shuto to wounder where the other Jackies went. Ankaiser asks if they were trying to steal the personal information with the memory stick he confiscated. The Jacky nods to answer him and Shuto mentally questioned if it was OK to answer. After listening to Ankaiser talk about how he is getting a bonus, Shuto is taken aback seeing Ankaiser acting different from what he thought he was and said it to his face. Ankaiser tells Ratman he did not care and says became a hero for the praise and it was just a job. Upon hearing this, he angrily asks Ankaiser to stop calling himself a hero. Ankaiser questioned what Ratman said before being pushed against the wall by him. Ankaiser then grabbed Ratman by the scarf and mistakenly guessed that Ratman was doing the crime because he failed the hero licensing test. The statement caused Shuto to get angry enough to partially go berserk and revealing his teeth with his mouth agape, scarring Ankaiser and Rio who just walked in. Rio screamed and caused Shuto to come to his senses and look in her direction. A frightened Rio mumbles, pondering on what type of monster Ratman could be before throwing miscellaneous religious objects at him and saying their corresponding words associated with them. Then the Jacky threw a smoke grenade which allowed both him and Ratman to escape after the virus he uploaded finished leaking the data of the computer to the internet.

After escaping and returning to base, Shuto was tired & fell asleep on Jackal's couch and was later brought to Mirea's room to rest on her bed. He later wakes up to the sight of Mirea's legs and her asking if he's awake. Shuto asked her where they were and she answered him. He then asks her "What does 'hero' really mean?", questioning whether or not he is one, and asking if she only sees heroes as a guy possessing super powers. Mirea answers with a quote from the book she borrowed from him earlier and says he has a strong will. Shuto's stomach began to growl, Mirea tell him that she will make something for him and he thanks her as she walks away. The next day while walking to school, Shuto reflected on what happened yesterday noting that the incident did not make the news, (due to the Association having near-complete control over the media), but now has to be cautious


Shuto reads about his heroics

since the police and heroes would be after him. Mirea walks up to greet him and asks if he was alright due to going home late. He tells her that he told his parents that he was at a game center and was scolded. He then remembered to thank her for the food yesterday, saying it was yummy unknowingly causing her to blush.

Though supposedly an 'evil organization,' Jackal does not engage in any criminal activities aside from the break-in at Rio's house. They seem to be content to allow Shuto to explore his abilities and act on his own. Deciding to put his powers to good use, he commits his first heroic act and stops a gang of carjackers. Though his exploits are reported by the media, it is mostly a minor event and even Ankaiser dismisses it as some un-sponsored idiot playing hero.

Hero Awards Arc

During the Hero Awards, where Shuto meets up with some of his favorite heroes, a fight breaks out between the members of the Gem Unit of PRISMMAN, causing a fire in the hotel. Though many heroes try to help in evacuating the civilians, Ankaiser decided to make things worse by disabling the sprinklers so he could capture Ratman in a more dramatic fashion. Ratman was able to stop the Gem Unit of PRISMMAN from causing more damage, but he encounters Ankaiser and the two begin to brawl. After hearing how callous Ankaiser was about Rio's dream to becoming a hero and how being a hero is 'just a job,' Shuto is pushed to his breaking point and decided that having a Hero License was not worth it.

Ankaiser gets his arm broken by Berserk Ratman

With Ratman's Animalistic State unleashed, he proceeded to brutally tear the arrogant Ankaiser apart.

Berserk Ratman was on the verge of killing Ankaiser when Van Guardner intervened. However the two A Rank heroes proved to be no match against the savage Ratman, and Van Guardner decided that retreat was the best option. After barely escaping a blast from Ratman's Breath-Laser, he and Ankaiser jumped out of the hotel to land on a parked car.

In the aftermath, Shuto is found by Rio while Ankaiser is hospitalized due to the injuries he had received from Ratman. Due to being in the Berserker State, he had no memories of nearly killing his opponent.
During the time that Ankaiser was recuperating from his battle with Ratman, Shuto begins to learn more about his powers and about the animosity between Jackal and the Hero Association. He also makes some new friends with E Rank hero Fatman (who becomes the first person in the Hero Association to know Ratman's real identity) and his sister Anzu.

Threat of S Arc


Shuto goes back to being Ratman

With Ratman beating two A Rank heroes almost to a pulp, Rio's father decides that he had greatly underestimated him, and decides to send in the S Rank department to deal with him. Kreios secretly began observing him before finally confronting him. Despite Shuto discovering a new power of reforming his limbs into weapons, his inexperience made him an easy to defeat. However, sensing that Ratman may be in possession of the S Gene, Kreios decided to hold off the battle and observe him further.

Shuto fell into despair at feeling so useless and briefly decided to quit trying to be a hero. However, a pep talk from Rio bolsters his resolve and he begins physical training in order to strengthen himself. Ironically, he even gets some boxing tips from Ankaiser as he was released from the hospital.

Normal Life Arc

Days later, Shuto wakes up and then heads out running. While running Shuto thinks about how he notices show stuff after he started running. When Shuto takes a break, he thinks about how he would takes advantage of the powers of Ratman to jump from building to building.

Later Shuto is walking when he comes across a boxing gym. Shuto then looks into the gym and thinks about getting stronger, when the owner appears behind him. Shuto then heads inside, after watch the others and listening to the owner, Shuto decides to train. Shuto is then shocked when Ankaiser enters the gym. Shuto then watches as Ankaiser trains, as he trains. When Ankaiser comes over and gives him some advise, Shuto takes it and uses it while training. Later after training, Shuto is walking home and thinking about how Ankaiser is a hero within the gym.

Days later, Kanta is with when they decide to head into a new restaurant Bison Burger. While eating, Shuto talks with Kanta about the restaurant. Shuto then watches as the owner, Mr. Big Horn, comes out and talks to the customers. Days later, Shuto is helping Fatman with some new pizza idea. After eating some pizzas, Shuto tells Fatman what he thinks. He then listens when Anzu comes in and reveals that Bison Burger is going to make a pizza burger. He then coming to help out, and then compliments Anzu pizza when she brings one in. He then says that its the pizza that they need and that they should put in on the menu. Some times later, Shuto is at the restaurant when they get an order from a magazine. When Fatman goes to deliver the pizza, Shuto follows by turning into Ratman and also takes Anzu with him. When Fatman and Mr. Big Horn crash, Shuto takes Anzu to the magazine place to deliver the pizza and burger. Shuto then drops Anzu and thinks about how the pizza will win, as he leaves.

Days later, Shuto is watching TV when his sister changes the channel. Shuto then gets into an argument with Ana, which results in one of his action figures being destroyed. A day later, Shuto is talking with Rio about what happened. Shuto then listens Rio gives him some advise. After school, Shuto is thinking about how he was acting, when he receives a call from his mom about how is little sisters are missing. He then turns into Ratman and heads out to look for them. After hearing his sisters, he heads to their location and saves them before they are shot. He then defeat the kidnappers and returns his sisters home. Shuto leaves and turns back to his regular form. Shuto then returns home and apologizes with Ana about yesterday. Shuto then listens as his sisters talks about Ratman and how he will big one day. Later, he then notices that his action figure is fixed and laughs about how the arm is on backwards.

Days later, Shuto is walking with Mirea when they notice that a jacky is being chased. Shuto then goes to help Jacky. When he get to Jacky's location, He thinks that Jacky killed someone and tells him to turn himself in. He then notices the woman is still alive, and that she is an android, and runs when she attacks them. He then turns into Ratman, but still runs away when she launches missile at them. When he is cornered and is about to be attacked, he is saved when he creator stops her. Later, he is having dinner with everyone from Jackal and talks about what happened. The next day, Shuto notices the doctor when he head to school.

Another day later, Shuto is out on a date with Mirea. While heading to the movies, Shuto asks what type of movie does Mirea like and listens when she tells him. When they are watching the movie, Shuto winds up grabbing Mirea hand. After watching the movie, Shuto then takes Mirea to Bison Burger to eat. While eating, then meet with  Yano and Kanta, and start talking. After eating, Shuto and Mirea then head to a park. When they get to the park, they notice that it's snowing.

Unchain Arc

Shuto is saved from being run over by a truck, due to the new transfer student Shiki Kazamori's telekinetic powers. Though he idolizes Shiki's 'hero' abilities, he is unaware of the darker motive behind his new friend. Shiki is actually the S Rank Hero Unchain, whose goal is to eventually gain the S Gene by consuming Ratman. To force Ratman out into the open, a secret plan by Dr. Teramishi and Takaki is initiated. Rio is later captured by the conspirators.

Wanting to find Rio, Shuto joins the search and even reveals his secret identity as Ratman to Shiki. However, Shuto is shocked to find out about Unchain and his desire to consume him. As Ratman and Unchain battle, Teramishi unleashes the Hero Killers on the public, in order to draw attention away from Rio's kidnapping and to lay blame on Jackal.

Though initially overwhelming Ratman with his psychic powers, Unchain soon found himself in the same situation as Ankaiser was when Ratman went into his Berserker State. Despite having S Rank abilities, the Animalistic Ratman proved to be the 'scarier' of the two and Shiki almost torn apart. With all the animal cells within him in total fear of Ratman, Shiki asked him to end his miserable life. However, Mirea's arrival and the re-emergence of Shuto's consciousness averted the tragedy as Shuto tapped into his inner potential to re-create Shiningman's Killer Move; the Shining Ray. The Hero Killers were shut down by Crea and her grandfather, while the conspirators were arrested by Kreios. The arc ends with Rio being rescued, and Shiki and Shuto remaining friends.

Post-Unchain Arc

Days later, Shuto is does a pose when he notices that his sisters are watching. After listening to his sisters comments, Shuto looks at the pictures of Shiningman and thinks about how he is no longer confused. Later Shuto is at School and talking with Shiki about where Shiki is living. When they get into class, Shuto is suddenly meets with Anzu. He then talks with her and is then glad when she calls him senpai. When Anzu leaves, Shuto reveals to his friend that Anzu is the sister of Fatman. They then decide to head to Pizza Fat after school.

Shuto then heads to Pizza Fat with his friends. When they get their, they are surprised that Fatman is hurt, which Shuto decides to heal him. Shuto then talks with Fatman, which it is reveals that Fatman is in love. Then next day, Shuto is meeting with Fatman, when Fatman asks for his help. Shuto then decides to help when he hears that Taichi needs his help and for a years worth of pizza. Later, Shuto is with the jackies as Ratman. When Haruka comes, he atttacks her but is stopped by Taichi as Fatman. They then start battling, until Haruka figures it out. He then kneels down and apologizes, Shuto then listens as Haruka reveals that she was actually in love with Taichi all along.

Days later, Shuto is in Shibuya buying an action figure, when he sees Rio pass by him. He then follows her as Ratman and saves her when a gangster attacks her with a knife. He then helps her and Yavais take out the rest of the gangsters. He then watches as Yavais takes out the last ganagster.

Some days later, Shuto goes to the beach with his friends to help Taichi and his sister Anzu. After finishing the work and selling all their pizzas, Shuto and his friends go and play volleyball against Mr. Big Horn and his employees. While on the sides with Mirea, he is asks about his scar which he tells Mirea about it. He then switches with Shiki, who exits the game. He then plays until Ankaiser and Van Guardner stops the game because Taichi and Mr. Big Horn use finishers during the game. Later Shuto is with Mirea and talkes with her about the day. They then promise to come to the beach again sometime.

Rematch Arc

After the news of the ANK security firm going bankrupt and its president being arrested for tax evasion, Shuto learns that Ankaiser may lose his license as an A-Rank Hero. While visiting the hospital due to Fatman overeating his girlfriend's food, Shuto overhears a conversation between Ankaiser and his mother and discovers the reason why the egotistical hero wants to get as much glory as he can. It is not solely to gain more fame to feed his ego, but also to raise his status and benefits to pay for his mother's hospital bills. Shuto begins to feel sorry for him, but Crea recommends that he does not play the hero in this case as the results may have unintended consequences.

However during a press conference in which Ankaiser is interviewed prior to his retirement, he openly issues a challenge to Ratman for a rematch, thereby revealing to the public of Ratman's existence. Shuto decides to accept the challenge.


Final Blow of the Rematch

Shuto waits until after the press conference to set up the rematch in an underground parking lot. Though his fighting skills had improved since they last saw each other, Ratman was still at a disadvantage against Ankaiser without reverting to his Animalistic State. He was nearly defeated after being hit by Ankaiser's Dragon Cannon, but stood back up and told his foe to take back what he said about 'heroism being already dead' should Ratman win. In a final clash, he surprises Ankaiser by blocking his Counter-Attack and knocking him out before passing out from exhaustion.

Afterwards, Shuto learns that Ankaiser will continue on as a hero for the One-Way-Gym, (now renamed the Kaiser Gym), though he will have to start over as a D-Rank. Ankaiser is now aware that Ratman is a small teen but doesn't want people to know that he lost to a mere rookie.


Shuto in pain from the S-Gene side-effects

After the rematch with Ankaiser, wild rumors about Ratman begin to spread, though Shuto dislikes the infamy and decides to lay low for a while. He later meets up with Mikoto Kujo (aka Heavenly Maiden) and finds out that she's a freshman at his school. In gym class, Shuto suddenly collapses while clutching at his chest. While recovering in the nurse's office with Mirea, a new D-Rank hero named IS-KA appears and confronts Mikoto in her civilian identity. After a short battle, he suddenly leaves after receiving signal. Shuto recovers soon afterwards as he and Mirea discuss about the scar on his back and share a tender moment, much to his embarrassment.

Hero Booster Arc


Ratman Saves Fatman!

Three weeks later, IS-KA is introduced to the public and his popularity soars as he performs many feats of heroism and crime-fighting. He is rapidly promoted from D to B Rank. He also begins advertising a series of Smartphones for his sponsor, AD-Bank. Meanwhile, Fatman is upgraded to D-Rank while Mr. Big Horn actually makes C-Rank. However, Mr. Big Horn suddenly goes berserk and begins attacking his own customers. Fatman proves to be no match against Mr. Big Horn on his own, but is saved from a fatal charge by Ratman. The two team up to bring down the rampaging Burger Bison Hero, and Shuto is shocked that his normal attacks have no effect against him. This marks the first time in which he was facing off against an opponent with S Gene-type power. After an intense battle in which Ratman was almost forced to use more stronger methods, Fatman uses his Killer Move, the 1000-Ton Rolling Smash, to finally end the fight and knock out Mr. Big Horn. He eventually comes back

Ratman almost succumbs to the Hero Booster

to his senses after regaining consciousness, claiming that he remembers nothing of the ordeal.

While investigating the reason why Mr. Big Horn went berserk, Ratman comes


Ratman and the Heroes

across the Hero Booster Program on a dropped Smartphone, which almost corrupts him with Dark Energy from IS-KA's S Gene, but Shuto is able to shake off its effects, (or it could be that he already had the S Gene, so therefore the program had no effect on him).

He later learns from Mr. Big Horn about the illegal app and is reminded of how he goes out of control when in his Berserk State. This drives him to rush out to find and stop the source of

the madness in which he later comes face-to-face with the other holder of the S-Gene, IS-KA. At this point, he had just defeated Heavenly Maiden.

Understandably, he was quite shocked to see the true form of IS-KA, which was an even more hideous appearance than Ratman's. Even worse was the fact that his S Gene resonating with IS-KA's made Shuto helpless against him.

However, with the timely arrival of Unchain, Ratman was able to escape with the injured Heavenly Maiden, and take her to the hospital.

Shuto decides to investigate the mystery of the S Gene and its relation to IS-KA, as well the connections to himself and his memories of Shiningman.

He first goes to Kadoyama Press to check out their files on the disappearance of Shiningman seven years ago. He encounters Chihaya Sugimura and reveals his identity to her in order to gain her trust and get some information about the past. The leads point back to the Kizaki Mansion where he and the Jackies once again break into.


Shiningman holding young Shuto

This time he encounters a Super-Heroine Rio, which makes him very excited to see that his classmate had finally achieved her dream. He also reveals his secret to her, in which she agrees to allow him access to the secret room of her father's. Both get the shock of their lives as they learn of the true events of the S Project and the event which had caused the death of Rio's mother, as well as Shuto's rescue by Shiningman.


Shuto's Accident

It is at this point that Shuto learns of the truth of that accident, in which he had been injured inadvertently by Shiningman's actions when a pillar dropped on top of Shuto's back. To save him, Shuto needed a massive blood transfusion and the only person compatible with him at the time was Shiningman. As a result, Shuto's memories were altered, which explains why he has no recollection of how he got the large scar on his back. This was also when he received the S Gene.

Shuto and Rio get the biggest shock of all as they learn about the S Gene and who Shiningman was.

Shuto later has a talk over the phone with the very person who was once Shiningman.


Shuto had no prior physical training before becoming Ratman. Initally he had relied almost completely on the powers of Ratman, but later learns that he must train his own body. In terms of experience, Shuto is still learning how to fight and use his powers more efficiently. He's starting to understand the basics of strategy and becoming more seasoned.

Physical Skill

S Gene:

  • S Gene
  • Boxing

Due to his meeting with Shiningman with confirmation from Kreios, Shuto possesses the S-Gene which not only allows him to transform into Ratman using the Append Gear, but also gives him a hidden, untapped potential in which he is just starting to realize. So far, he is able to perform Shiningman's Killer Move, the Shining Ray. What further abilities this grants him has yet to be revealed.

By Chapter 41, Shuto collapses during gym period, clutching at his chest. This may be indicative of the side-effects or strain of using the S Gene.

Boxing: Shuto has begun training in basic boxing moves, in which ironically, he was given some tips by Ankaiser.


  • Append Gear
  • Ratman Suit

Append Gear: This is the device that Shuto uses to transform into Ratman. Its disguise is a digital watch.

Ratman Suit : This is the form in which Shuto takes after using the Append Gear. It has a wide array of powers and abilities, though it has two main drawbacks of a high-metabolism and an Animalistic Berserk State.



A hero that first inspired Shuto to being a hero when he was saved by him in a collapsed building. He sees Shiningman as the epitome of how a hero should be.


Unlike the other members in their class, Shuto talks to Mirea. They consider each other as friends. Mirea has a crush on Shuto that he is oblivious of.


Shuto and Rio respect each other for their shared aspirations to become heroes. They became friends after Rio saved Shuto from a group of thugs.

Ana and Yuna

Despite the fact his sisters annoy him sometimes he deeply cares about them. As seen when he rescued them from Drug Dealers Shuto stated if they did harm them he probably would have killed the thugs.


At first, he greatly looked up to Ankaiser. That was until his first meeting with him as Ratman, where his arrogance to both his fans, referring to being a Hero as simply a job and laughing at Rio's desire to be a hero. Shuto refused to acknowledge Ankaiser as a hero anymore. As time went on, he develops some pity for him after learning about the situation with Ankaiser's mother and leaves him with some satisfaction after their rematch.


Fatman is the first hero to learn of Shuto's identity of Ratman and is one of the few heroes in which Shuto is very comfortable in being with. He will help Fatman and his sister if needed. He is also the first hero to call Ratman a hero.


The first non-hero to learn of Shuto's secret and has a bit of a crush on him. Though, like Mirea, he is completely oblivious to it.

Shiki Kazamori

A new friend of Shuto's after he saved his life from an accident. He sees how Shiki uses his powers and refers to him as a hero. Like Mirea, Shuto appears to be oblivious on how "close" Shiki likes to be around him.


  • Ironically, despite being a "villain" the only evil act he has done in this entire series was the first crime of breaking into the Kizaki mansion, (plus a repeat offense later on). However he is often blamed for other crimes that he stops, mainly because of misunderstandings or to cover up the destruction caused by a Hero.
  • Even more ironic is the fact that Ratman has actually shown to be more heroic than many of the so-called Heroes.
  • Currently speaking, the people who are aware of Shuto's secret identity include all the members of Jackal, (Crea Mizushima, Mirea Mizushima, Gengo Mizushima, the Jacky Combatants), Fatman, Fatman's sister Anzu, Shiki Kazamori, Ankaiser, Mikoto Kujo, Chihaya Sugimura, Rio Kizaki, and later her father Shouichirou Kizaki and Hijiri Midou.
  • Shuto shares many elements in common with classic Japanese heroes, Kamen Rider, (most notably Kamen Rider 1 & 2 or Kamen Rider Ichigo & Niigo) who were ordinary men that were transformed into weapon by an evil organization but used their newly gained powers for good. Additionally Ratman's helmet and scarf are reminiscent to those worn by several of the early Kamen Riders.