Slave Mask
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Good, but made evil by the Hero Booster Program
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) Unknown
Occupation Hero
Affiliation Hero Association
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 44

Slave Mask is one of the lower-ranking members of the Hero Association, but was driven mad by the Hero Booster Program .


Slave Mask wears an insect-like helmet and a full body suit, much like Kamen Rider. He wears a utility belt that connects a cable to his shoulder guard.


His normal personality is unknown as he was driven insane by the Hero Booster Program. Though it could be suggested that he wanted more power to boost his rank like all of the others who have used the program.


Not much is known about his history other than the fact he was one of the many heroes that went berserk after downloading the Hero Booster Program, which means he was a lower-ranking hero that was trying to enhance his powers and gain more recognition.


Hero Booster Arc

Slave Mask, along with several other heroes, suddenly go on a rampage and begin attacking innocent civilians. Slave Mask was about to attack a mother and her son, but he was stopped by Randolman.

After receiving an additional boost of Dark Energy, Slave Man was about to attack again, but was finally stopped when Crea and Gengo transmitted the antidote to the Hero Booster Program through his smartphone. Like all the other berserk heroes, he was rendered unconscious. In the aftermath, most likely his Hero's License was revoked due to his actions.


Unknown as he was taken out by Randolman who used his Randol Hurricane move on him.