Smartphone IS-K05
Device Type: Smartphone
Functions: Communications
Media/Audio Player
Internet Access
Digital Camera
Software Applications
Side-Effects: Also used as a covert receiver for S Gene energy if the Hero Booster Program is downloaded.

Hall of Heroes Ranking Menu

This is the product in which IS-KA's sponsored company AD-Bank, markets to the public. Due to the media sensation of its commercial hero, and the company's marketing campaign, this is their hottest item and stores are unable to keep them in stock for very long. Some of its most popular apps are the Hall of Heroes Ranking Menu and the Mr. Boxers Air Drying Game. The smartphone itself is a highly advanced device, but what the public doesn't know is that the IS-KA05 is also a receiver for S Gene energy, provided that the user downloads the Hero Booster Program.

Apparently, IS-KA had planned to make the other lower-ranked heroes jealous of his exploits, thereby driving them to purchase his company's product and download the Hero Booster Program. What appeared to be a special-effect gimmick was actually a ruse to hide its true purpose. Once the heroes obtained the Smartphones and the program, they were steadily given doses of the S Gene's energy, thereby making them stronger and more metally unstable. After a week the heroes began running berserk.


  • The Smartphone looks like a real life iPhone.
  • Just like its real life counterpart, the IS-KA05 also has its predecessors called the IS-KA02, IS-KA03 and the IS-KA04.