Street Drug Dealer
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Evil
Professional Characteristics
Occupation Minor Narcotics Smuggler/Dealer
Affiliation Major Drug Trafficking Operation
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 21

This unidentified man was part of a major drug-trafficking operation.


He's a very mean-looking man in a business suit, a mustache, beard and always wearing sunglasses.


He's the stereotypical small-time criminal who thinks he's brilliant and also very cowardly. And despite thinking of crafty plans, he will often overlook obvious details. Such as not realizing that the Mr. Boxer Doll was very popular when using it to hide drugs. Also, despite knowing he had to eliminate any eye witnesses, he really did not want to harm Ana and Yuna.


None given.


Normal Life Arc

He was considered as a minor cog in the overall machine of smuggling and selling narcotics, and came up with the 'brilliant' idea of hiding drugs inside Mr. Boxer dolls with GPS tracking devices.

However, he didn't know just how popular the toys were, (until is was pointed out by his henchman). Ana and Yuna Katsuragi mistakenly picked up one of their dolls, not realizing it was carrying drugs. The twins were kidnapped and were about to be eliminated as potential witnesses when Ratman suddenly showed up and saved them. The drug dealer, his henchman and several other minor bosses were arrested, though the top leader of the drug ring remained free until he was later taken down by Ankaiser and Van Guardner.


He seems to be able to use a gun but was easily taken down by Ratman. He considered himself as a criminal mastermind, but didn't realize how popular the Mr. Boxer dolls were.



His henchman is more-or-less his 'yes-man' though it seemed that he was smarter than his boss.

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