Street Gang Leader
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Evil
Professional Characteristics
Occupation Gang Leader
Affiliation Street Gang in Shibuya
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 35

During Yavais' appearance in the series, this is the first bad guy in which he faces off with and defeats.


The gang leader is tall, lanky, carries a wooden bokken, wears a white suit and sunglasses.


Has nothing but contempt for the law and is very arrogant.


None given.


Post-Unchain Arc


Men's Knuckle

His gang starts stirring up trouble in Shibuya, which causes some people to call on help from Yavais, who they believed would be able to stop them. However, the F-Rank is in over his head and is pretty nervous while facing off against a group that outnumbered him. Fortunately for him, he had Rio Kizaki on his side, who took down several of the hoods. The gang leader tried to stab Rio, but was stopped by Ratman . He couldn't believe that his men were taken out so easily and attacked Yavais. Bolstered with new confidence, Yavais delivers the final blow and knocked out the gang leader with his Killer Move, the Men's Knuckle .

It is assumed that the gang leader and his group were arrested.


The gang leader toted a wooden sword (bokken) around, though the question of whether he had any skill with it was left unanswered. Most likely it was used just for intimidation. He also had a small knife, but didn't get a chance to use it.


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