Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Supposedly Good/Actually Evil
Professional Characteristics
Power(s) None
Occupation Former Aide to the Hero Association's President
Affiliation Hero Association (terminated due to misappropriation of funds)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 4
Sentimental Girl with Angel Wings

Takaki is Shouichirou Kizaki's assistant in the day to day opperations of the Hero Association. However it is revealed he is only using his position to help Dr. Teramishi with his experiments and has nothing but contempt for the Association.


Takaki is a meek-looking man in business attire and glasses.


At first he appears to be a hard-working assistant to the president of the Hero Association. However this hides the fact he was diverting large amounts of money to fund Teramishi's research, which was use to create the Hero Killers and to increase Unchain's power. Apparently, this was all for profit as he seems unsatisfied with his role as the President's Assistant.


Takaki is first seen as the personal assistant to Rio's father, though he is later revealed to have secretly diverted funds and resources for Teramishi's experiments in the bio-lab department. Lured by the prospect of gaining great wealth, Takaki worked secretly with Teramishi to create high-level mutant animals for Unchain to consume. Apparently this has been going on for some time before the beginning of the story.


First Crime Arc

Takaki is walking and talking with his boss, Shouichirou Kizaki. Takaki accompanies Shouichirou to the Hero's meeting.

Hero Awards Party Arc

Takaki assist his employer with the event and regularly gave reports concerning Ratman.

Unchain Arc


Takaki got busted!

Takaki shows his true colors as he and Teramishi begin plans to lure Ratman to their hideout in order for Unchain to consume him. However, they did not count on Rio finding their lair. Teramishi is forced to release the Hero Killers to divert the Heroes' attention away from their search for her. Takaki and Teramishi are shocked when Unchain is defeated, and try to destroy all evidence by self-destructing their secret base . However, both are caught by Kreios and taken back to the Hero Association. They have not been seen since and are assumed to be incarcerated for their betrayal.


Shouichirou Kizaki

Despite appearing as a loyal aide, Takaki actually shows nothing but contempt for his employer and only sees him as a resource to further his own selfish goals.


Dr. Teramishi is Takaki's partner-in-crime and is heavily involved in creating bio-weapons for profit.