The Birth of Smallest Hero
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Title The Birth of Smallest Hero
Saishou no Eiyuu no Tanjou
Chapter One
Arc First Crime
Previous Chapter N/A
Next Chapter Chapter 2
The First Crime

The Birth of Smallest Hero is Chapter 1 of the manga series Ratman.

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We are introduced to the main character Shuto Katsuragi, who dreams of being a hero like his idol Shiningman. However, due to him being short and therefore not taken seriously, he begins to think he will never be able to get a Hero's License.

Japan is in the midst of Superhero Fever and low-level superpowers are made available to the public. Due to the cost of maintaining those powers, most heroes are commercialized by various businesses to promote their services and products. However, many of these so-called heroes are in it for themselves and the altruistic characteristic of a hero takes a back seat to making money and rising in the ranks.

Shuto however, gets his chance to achieve his dream to becoming a hero when some mysterious figures in skeleton suits suddenly kidnap him and bring him to a secret location. He is given a strange watch called the Append Gear which would give him the ability to save a classmate of his. He gains incredible superpowers, but the entire scene turns out to be a ruse. Shuto discovers that he has just become the Dark Hero, (ie:villain) for an 'evil organization' called Jackal. The story of Ratman begins.