The Shining Ray
Shining Ray Attack
Killer Move Type: Energy-Blasting Punch
Users: Shiningman
IS-KA (possibly)
Special Note: Only can be used by individuals with the S Gene
This is quite possibly the most powerful Killer Move in the entire series and was considered to be Shiningman's trademark finishing move. The attack consists of a powerful punch coupled with a huge blast of pure energy. So far, only Shiningman and Ratman are able to do this attack, though Ratman calls his version the Shining Ray Do Oruta, (Alternate Shining Ray). It has proven strong enough to completely destroy Unchain's armor and dig a wide trench in the ground. However, its main drawback is that it is extremely draining to do this move once, which will deplete Ratman of all of his remaining energy. Furthermore, the user has to be in right state of mind to perform it, such as truly wanting to protect someone or wanting justice to be done.

If the Shining Ray is truly connected to the S Gene, then it is possible that IS-KA would be able to achieve it as well. However, given his train of thoughts and overall evil personality, it is unlikely.

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