Personal Characteristics
Gender Male
Side Good
Professional Characteristics
Occupation Office Staff Worker
Affiliation Kadoyama Press
Hero Magazine
First Appearance
Manga Ratman Chapter 6

Yamashita is an employee of Kadoyama Press and its Hero Magazine, as well as Chihaya Sugimura's co-worker. His exact position has not yet been stated, though he does seem to be part of the editorial staff. Chihaya also gets good insider information from him.


Yamashita is a lean man with glasses and short black hair. He's also got a small beard.


Yamashita is very open-minded and good-natured. Like Chihaya, he doesn't take things at face value and wants to know the truth behind the articles and the subjects the magazine writes about. He seems to be good friends with Chihaya and doesn't like how Takigawa writes his articles.


He seems to have been working for the magazine for some time.


First Crimes Arc

Yamashita makes his first appearance when he and Chihaya look on an Internet Blog concerning the Jacky Combatants. At first he thinks that it's a joke site and dismisses it.

Hero Booster Arc

Yamashita makes a reappearance in the series as he gives Chihaya some information and rumors concerning the Hero Booster Program. Both he and Chihaya agree that the so-called 'Forbidden App' may have something to do with the new hero IS-KA .