Yuna Katsuragi
Alias None
Personal Characteristics
Gender Female
Side Good
Family Nozomi Katsuragi (mother)
Ana Katsuragi(twin sister)
Shuto Katsuragi aka Ratman(older brother)

Atsuto Katsuragi (father)

Professional Characteristics
Occupation Elementary School Student
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
The Birth of Smallest Hero

Yuna Katsuragi is the daughter of Nozomi Katsuragi and Atsuto Katsuragi. She is the little sister of Shuto Katsuragi. She also has a twin sister named Ana Katsuragi.


She usually wears a school uniform for a elementary school girl, with her hair in a bun on the right side of her head to tell her apart from her twin sister.


Unlike Ana, she appears to be quite shy and nervous. She is always seen next to her sister. She also seems to like her brother more than Ana does, as she usually tries to stop her from picking on him. She and sister were later saved from a drug dealer by Ratman.


Nothing is known about Yuna's history.


First Crime Arc

Before going to school, she and her sister Ana were spying on their brother Shuto pretending to transform. Yuna tried to shush Ana when the latter started to tease him.

Days later, She is a the table with Shuto and Ana. She then notices that her brother is acting strange while he is reading the newspaper.

Hero Awards Arc

Yuna is with Ana and her mom, Nozomi as they send him off to Rio's home.

Normal Life Arc

Days later, Yuna tries to break up the fight between Ana and Shuto. The next day, Yuna accompanies Ana to the sold to buy a new action figure for Shuto. When they find out that they can't get a new one, they buy super glue instead. After they leave the store, she along with her sister are kidnapped. After the kidnappers get what they want, she along with Ana are about to be killed when Shuto as Ratman shows up. She is then turned to their mother, along with her sister.

Unchain Arc

Days later when Shuto brings Shiki over, She notices that Shiki is more mature then her brother.

Post-Unchain Arc

A few days later, Yuna is spying on her brother with Ana and tries to stop Ana from teasing their brother.


Yuna is an ordinary girl with no special abilies.



Yuna is the younger sister of Shuta.


  • Both twins are fans of the Mr. Boxers cartoon.
  • Both sisters and their mother are currently unaware that Shuto is Ratman.